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Ever since he was a young child, Mike has been creating and building with his hands. Growing up he was always drawing, painting, or building models. 

Mike's passion for working with his hands and his academic interests in medicine ultimately let to a career in dentistry. The skills he learned in dental school translated to a love of creating sculpture. Dentistry has allowed Mike to take his skills in sculpture and create life changing smiles for his patients.

Mike founded Star of the West Sculpture, LLC in 2020 out of his workshop in Blythewood, SC. All of the sculptures here are handmade creations of Mike's and are professionally cast by resin foundries in the USA and Canada. All sculptures are museum quality and final finishes are done for each piece by the artist himself. 

When not working on a sculpture project, Mike can be found spending time with his amazing wife and two sons. He is also the owner and senior dentist at Brickyard Dental Group in Columbia, SC. His clinical practice focuses on restorative and rehabilitative dentistry, oral surgery including bone grafting and dental implant placement, and microscope enhanced restorative, endodontic, and surgical procedures.


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